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本文摘要:今天很是开心我们举行这样一个特此外演讲party,谢谢组织运动的所有人员。当我看到这个运动的时候,什么,英文演讲,再看看我的同组队员,我的天哪,是在开顽笑吗?他们都是有着富厚的事情履历和各国语言水平的人,像robin 、rebecca、jason等,所以,在这里也许我也没有什么的好的履历跟大家分享,因为我自己也是在学习阶段。可是,我希望把自己在实习以及开始自己独立跑市场一些遇到事情跟大家分享下。也算是一段心路历程吧。


今天很是开心我们举行这样一个特此外演讲party,谢谢组织运动的所有人员。当我看到这个运动的时候,什么,英文演讲,再看看我的同组队员,我的天哪,是在开顽笑吗?他们都是有着富厚的事情履历和各国语言水平的人,像robin 、rebecca、jason等,所以,在这里也许我也没有什么的好的履历跟大家分享,因为我自己也是在学习阶段。可是,我希望把自己在实习以及开始自己独立跑市场一些遇到事情跟大家分享下。也算是一段心路历程吧。

It is our great delight today that we have such a special speech party, and I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the people involved in the organization of the activity. When I first got to know about this activity, I just couldn’t believe it! What!? English speaking! When I saw my fellow team player -- Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? They are all rich in working experience and proficient language levels, including Robin, Rebecca, Jason and so on. So maybe I don't have any good experience to share with you here as I'm still in the process of learning. But I do would like to share with you some of my experience as an intern and my independent practice in the marketing activities. I would say it is also a part of my own experience.依然还记得自己从车间的一名普通工人,通过几轮的面试才踏进现在的部门,成为一名销售司理。I could still remember that I started from an ordinary worker in the workshop, and I finally became a sales manager in the current department through a few rounds of interviews.随后我就开始了作为一名销售的旅途。还记得第一次去客户公司,也是第一次出差。


一路上很是开心,可是到了客户那里后,我傻眼了,还没有弄清楚什么状况呢,每小我私家先开始自我先容,在那一刻我才觉察我似乎连一个很是好的自我先容都做欠好。Then I started my career as a salesman. It was the first time for me to visit the client company and it was also my first business trip. I was very happy all the way, but I was dumbfounded at the company of the customer. Before I could figure out what was going on, everyone started to introduce themselves at first. At that moment I realized I could not even make a fluent self-introduction.在随后学习中,还遇到过一次去客户处迟到,所以在以后的造访客户中我都一定会提前很早到,哪怕是把一会要和客户问的问题在提前到的这个时间再整理下,也不再盘算着时间在路上。In my subsequent learning experience, I also remember that I was late to visit the customer. Therefore, in my future visits to the customer, I would arrive very early. Moreover, I would sort out the questions to be discussed with the customer again during this period, instead of counting the seconds on the road.所以,在已往的这一段时间里,在市场部也是留下了许多的“第一次”第一次给忐忑的打电话约客户晤面第一次独立带研发人员一起去见客户第一次作为主讲很紧张的去先容公司的宣传资料第一次通过自己的努力,获得客户的信任,拿到订单的成就感~~~~~~Therefore, in the past period of time, I have created a lot of “first time” records in the Marketing Department.For the first time, I called the customer to make the appointment anxiously and timidly;For the first time, I led the research and development personnel to visit customers independentlyFor the first time, I nervously introduced the promotional materials of the company as the lecturer;For the first time, I felt a sense of achievement after I received an order and won the trust of customers ~ ~ ~ ~ ~固然,也同样有更多之前在车间了作为一个普通工人无法感受的事情强度与压力第一次可以靠水行走一天,哈哈哈第一次做ppt整整一夜没睡第一次拿到一堆杂乱旧账目无法下手,一次一次的去核对第一次被人误解而不知道怎么去解释第一次一个星期往返各大都会,也看到在排队上车的种种候车style,哈哈哈Well of course, I also harvested the work intensity and pressure that cannot be found from an ordinary worker in the workshop previously.For the first time, I could walk for an entire day by relying on water! HahaFor the first time, I didn't sleep all night but focusing on making the Powerpoint slides;For the first time, I got a jumble of old accounts that I couldn't find where to start with, and I had to check it time after time;For the first time, I didn’t know how to explain even if I was misunderstood;For the first time, I have travelled between various cities within a week, and I have also seen the various styles in the line waiting for the trains and buses. Haha总之,在事情中,有支付就有回报,有欢喜也会有忧愁,借此次演讲的时机,很是想谢谢,这么恒久以来向导以及列位师傅的指导与照顾,让我学到了许多工具,不管是处置惩罚事情的方法啊,好的事情习惯、商务礼仪等,虽然我可能成不了最优秀的那一个,但我一定会是最努力的那一个!谢谢!In short, I would say no pains no gains, and there are joys and sorrows in work. On the occasion of this opportunity for the speech, I would like to give my sincere thanks to the long-term guidance and care from the leaders and all the senior colleagues. It is you who make me to learn so many things, including the ways to deal with matters, the good working habits, business etiquette, etc. Although I may not become the most outstanding one, I would definitely be the one who made the best effort! Thank you!以上是我的演讲内容,谢谢!That’s all for my speech! Thanks for your listening!。